Our Swimming Pool Construction Process

When you choose to work with Anchor Pools & Spas, you’re choosing to work with the premier custom pool builder in Manatee County. You’re not only choosing a pool construction company dedicated to exceeding your expectations, but you’re also going to get the most outstanding design and construction of custom inground swimming pools. Our Owner and Vice President are personally involved in every pool we build, from the selection of the shape and size of your pool and spa to job completion. In addition, the contractor is always present for the layout and excavation of the pool to assure the accuracy and protection of your property and your neighbors.

Step 1 – Layout

Our team begins with the initial layout of your new pool or spa, including area clearing and leveling.

Step 2 – Excavation

Next, we dig out the area for the shape and size of the pool or spa.

Step 3 – Forming

We form the walls and floor with steel rebar grid to the shape of your pool and spa shell. At the same time we are setting the pipes for the filter, cleaning system and pump.

Step 4 – Concrete

We pour the walls and floor with concrete to the shape of the pool and spa. Once this step is finished, the shell is now complete.

Step 5 – Plumbing

Pipe is plumbed from pool and spa to equipment location.

Step 6 – Coping & Tile

Your selection of tile and coping is then installed on the pool and spa shell.

Step 7 – Decking

The deck is then installed. It may be concrete or pavers.

Step 8 – Plaster

After cleaning the shell, your interior finish is then applied. The finish is usually quartz or pebble.

Step 9 – Start Up

Your pool and spa is then filled with water, and ready for you, your family and friends to enjoy!

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